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The 2019 protests bypassed this sociological divide further, as they were part of a genuine grassroots movement that has not been directed by any political party, cross-sectarian in a broader sense than those of 2015 and taking place across Lebanon, rather than only in Beirut. However, he criticized the involvement of political parties within the protests and argued it should remain something for the citizens to do. Le président français Emmanuel Macron réunit à nouveau ce mercredi 2 décembre une conférence des donateurs pour le Liban. The army intervened to stop the violence. His appointment came after gaining the support of the majority of members of the parliament who met with President Aoun on Thursday, Reuters reported. Lebanon's government debt is about 170% of its yearly gross domestic product. The protesters were met with violence, tear gas and rubber bullets by the Lebanese internal security forces. [345][346] The decision to remove the camps was made amid growing concerns over the further spread of coronavirus, according to the Lebanese government. [86] These proposals were unsuccessful at quelling protests. Protesters expressed dissatisfaction with the speech by resuming the closing of roads. [369][370] Following minor amendments, the approval of the plan was unanimously agreed by the government during the cabinet meeting at the presidential palace in Baabda, according to SBS. The issue was first addressed by Joyce Akiki, a prominent Lebanon-based reporter for MTV channel in her velfie (or a video selfie). The country has never before defaulted. Many public properties, shops, were destroyed by the protesters. [454] Medical documents also showed evidence that protesters were targeted with live rounds and rubber bullets. [318], During the G-20 Summit in Riyadh on 23 February, Saudi Arabia's finance minister divulged Saudi's plan of assisting Lebanon with its financial crisis, once there is assurance that Lebanon has put in place a solid reform plan. [223] The protest came after days of prolonged controversy surrounding a personal trainer in Beirut who was accused by over fifty women of sexual misconduct. The Lebanese Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad described Diab's government as a failure in terms of meeting the demands of the people of Lebanon. [106] Meanwhile, thousands of Lebanese gathered in over thirty cities around the world on 26 and 27 October including Sydney, Paris, Houston and London in a show of support[citation needed]. [319] Also during the summit, the finance minister of France has expressed his country's willingness to provide Lebanon with any form of financial support if need be. Demonstrators shut off roads in cities nationwide – including Sidon, Bekaa, and Khaldeh – with burning tires or by the sheer volume of protesters. [291], Amnesty International, based on evidence collected, has accused the Internal Security Forces of using rubber bullets unlawfully at close range, besides beatings, water cannons and tear gas in an attempt to disperse protesters on the weekend, which has left hundreds wounded. Coronavirus au LIban Plus de 1.500 nouveaux cas en 24h, craintes d'une flambée des contaminations après les fêtes le 12 décembre 2020 à 18h48 [101][102] Within this speech, he praised the protesters for achieving economic reforms, but suggested that they were being exploited by local and foreign agents to start a civil war within the country. [174] Suppliers now have to turn to exchange houses in order to get their US dollars, which end up charging significantly higher rates than the official rate of $1 to 1,507.5 L.L., only if they had any dollars to sell. During the protest, riot police fired tear gas and practiced excessive violence to separate protesters. Bank branches have been bombed and burned, and one protester was recently killed in the northern city of Tripoli after the security forces opened fire with rubber bullets and live ammunition. [201] President Michel Aoun announced that binding consultations to designate a new Prime Minister would be held on 28 November. ", "Lebanese govt to charge USD 0.20 a day for WhatsApp calls", "Protests erupt in Lebanon over plans to impose new taxes", "Lebanon: WhatsApp tax sparks mass protests", "Lebanon Protesters Found Strength in Unity, Ditched Sectarianism",, "Protesters march from Al Nour Square to Central Bank in Tripoli", "Protesters block Karakoul Druze-Mar Elias road", "Nationwide Protests Erupt in Lebanon as Economic Crisis Deepens", "Lebanese Protesters Addressed President Aoun with an Urgent Demand/", "A surge of public anger sends Lebanon's politicians reeling", "A long-feared currency crisis has begun to bite in Lebanon", "Lebanon gas stations to go on strike over dollar 'shortage, "Protests spread across Lebanon over proposed new taxes", "Lebanese millers say wheat reserves fall due to ongoing 'dollar problem, "Protests sweep Lebanon for a second day", "Unemployment: The paralysis of Lebanese youth", "As energy problems fuel protests, Lebanon eyes gas revolution", "Lebanon: what protests against the sectarian elite mean for Hezbollah", "Lebanon wildfires: Hellish scenes in mountains south of Beirut", "Lebanon's wildfires call for an appropriate disaster risk management plan", "Lebanon: Protests over worsening economic crisis", "Watch: Protests in Lebanon's capital over worsening economic crisis", "Lebanese MP Hikmat Dib calls for the beheading of Lebanese pop star Ragheb Alameh", A closer look into Lebanon’s fixed currency, UPDATE 1-Moody's puts Lebanon's Caa1 rating under review for downgrade, A long-feared currency crisis has begun to bite in Lebanon, How Lebanon’s dollar shortage sparked an economic crisis, Lebanon gas stations to go on strike over dollar 'shortage', Lebanon approves 2020 budget with 0.6% deficit - Hariri, Lebanon banks suck in dollars to maintain peg, but economy stagnates, Lebanon's parliament passes 2019 austerity budget, Lebanon wins pledges exceeding $11 billion in Paris, "Protesters rise up as Lebanon's leaders grapple with multiple economic crises", "Cabinet meets as backlash grows over tax proposals", "Lebanon cabinet sets 'final session' on Friday for 2020 draft budget: minister", "Hariri Contacts Aoun, Both Men Agree to Cancel Today's Cabinet Session – Al-Manar TV Lebanon", "Lebanese protesters set up barricades, block main roads", "WhatsApp tax the final straw as massive protests erupt", "انني طلبت من الرفيق اكرم شهيب تسليم الذين اطلقوا النار في الهواء ونحن تحت القانون لكن نطلب تحقيق شفاف ونرفض الاعتداء على ايا كان", "WhatsApp tax sparks night of austerity protests across Lebanon", "President Aoun called PM Hariri and agreed to hold a Cabinet meeting tomorrow at Baabda Palace", "Education Minister Akram Chehayeb issues statement to close public and private schools and universities tomorrow (Friday) because of the current situation in the country", "Lebanon scraps WhatsApp fee amid violent protests", "Des manifestants s'en prennent aux domiciles et bureaux de responsables Amal et Hezbollah à Nabatiyé", "Some protesters riot in central Beirut, hurl stones at riot police, shatter shops' windows", "Liban : le bureau du CPL à Tripoli saccagé", "Police fire tear gas at rioting protesters near govt seat in central Beirut", "Protestations : de nombreuses routes coupées à travers le Liban", "Lebanon paralyzed after second day of protests", "Liban : "grève générale" vendredi de "toutes les administrations publiques, "Lebanese Forces will not participate in today's Cabinet session: minister", "Joumblatt appelle à un "mouvement pacifique contre le mandat" Aoun", "Pierre Issa à L'OLJ : Si le cabinet démissionne, il faudra former un gouvernement réduit de salut public - Zeina ANTONIOS", "Hariri: We can no longer wait for our 'partners in the government' to start working on the solution, so either they show in the coming 72 hours that they are serious about reforms or I will take a different approach", "Hariri: 'Partners in the government' have 72 hours to give me their answer", "The First Lebanese to Tragically Lose His Life Protesting for a Better Lebanon/", "Liban/Flash: 2 morts et 4 blessés à Tripoli suite à une fusillade", "Nasrallah: There are political leaders and forces in Lebanon that act above everyone else and avoid all responsibilities for the past and the present mistakes and blame others", "Hundreds across the world protest in solidarity with Lebanon", "Lebanon's leaders move to quell huge protests", "Clash and gunfire in Tripoli, but no casualties", "Lebanese national anthem unites demonstrations at 6:00PM", "Lebanon protests: All the latest updates", "Army foiled attempted infiltration of Beirut protest: source", "ISG visits Hariri: Support for the reform objectives endorsed by the Cabinet", "Hariri chairs meeting on looted public money recovery law", "Sheikh Akl calls for preserving people's rights", "Lebanese protesters reject president's appeal for talks", "Lebanon protesters reject concessions, block key roads", "Hezbollah to speak on Lebanon crisis as economic warning issued", "Roads closed as pressure builds on govt in 9th day of uprising", "Hezbollah supporters clash with riot police, protesters", "Nasrallah to talk domestic developments", "Hezbollah calls on supporters to withdraw from protests, listen to Nasrallah's speech", "Hizbollah leader warns of civil war after days of Lebanon protests", "Saad Hariri, the prime minister of Lebanon, steps down", "Meeting at Army Command to discuss current situation", "Geagea criticizes neglect of people's demands", "Protesters Just Formed a Human Chain Across Lebanon", "سلسلة من المحتجين امتدت من صور باتجاه البص", "Lebanon protesters form human chain across the country", "الراعي: لا تنظروا الى المُتظاهرين بفوقيّة واستكبار", "Pope Francis Addressed the Lebanese Revolutionaries in a Message of Support", "Amal and Hezbollah supporters overrun Beirut protesters", "Hezbollah Supporters Break Up Lebanon Protest Camp", "Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri announces he will resign after nearly two weeks of protests", "Lebanon's Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, Steps Down in Face of Protests", "Number of roads across Lebanon blocked again", "Lebanese Army Intervenes to Reopen Roads", "President Aoun to address the nation on Thursday", "President Michel Aoun addressed the nation Thursday evening", "Everything You Need to Know About President Aoun's Speech", "Protesters take to streets after the President speech", "Security forces struggle to keep roads open", "Lebanon's banks reopen after two-week closure amid protests", "How Unofficial Capital Controls Stopped a Run on the Banks in Lebanon", "Nasrallah Urges Fast Formation of 'Sovereign Govt. Since Lebanon produces almost nothing for export, the country’s primary source of dollars has been large deposits from wealthy investors in the central bank, which were needed to maintain the link to the Lebanese pound. Selon l’ONG Human Rights Watch, « des millions de personnes au Liban risquent d’avoir faim ». [184][185][186], On 23 November, five youths, including children aged 12 and 15, were detained by Lebanese military intelligence after taking down a banner which supported the Free Patriotic Movement, which is the party of President Aoun. [121][122], Lebanon's banks reopened on 1 November 2019, after two weeks of closure, the longest bank closure in the nation's history. Elle intervient sur RT France pour commenter la situation au Liban, qui a annoncé se mettre en confinement. [331][332], On 7 March, Prime Minister Hassan Diab said that Lebanon would default on a Eurobond repayment and pursue restructuring its debt. [462], On 3 September, 30 days after the devastating Beirut explosion, a rescue dog reportedly smelled something which the Chilean rescue thought might possibly be a heartbeat. ; For up-to-date information about our programmes and operations in Lebanon, including funding level and donor contributions, visit Global Focus, UNHCR's reporting portal. La situation au Liban, «pire que la guerre» Les camions d’aide alimentaire sont omniprésents dans les rues de Beyrouth. [344], On 27 March, camps in Martyrs Square in central Beirut, which has been mostly occupied by protesters since October 2019, were reportedly cleared by Lebanon's security forces, according to the National Post. On 11 November, the Lebanese Federation of Syndicates of Bank Employees called for a general strike for its 11,000 members over "concerns for safety". [73] After this announcement, the cabinet meeting was canceled by the Prime Minister. [353][354] Aoun also maintained that the country is solely relying on the financial aid which is to be dedicated in executing infrastructure projects, as they have gone into an unforeseen economic recession. [126] As Lebanese schools universities remained closed during the protests, public teach-ins and debates, organized by secular political groups and advocacy organizations (Beirut Madinati, Libaladi, Lihaqqi and others) were offered in Beirut. Nearby stood a sales director for an events management company, Ghassan Nawfal, who said all but two of his company’s 30 employees had been put on unpaid leave. [506] Also, dozens of protesters were said to have marched past the central bank, including the parliament building, after which they gathered near the port that was destroyed in the August 4 explosion. [295] Four people had been injured and taken to the hospitals in Beirut, with 8 other people sustaining minor injuries, the Lebanese Red Cross announced. [518] Abou Fakhr's death triggered a substantial increase in protest activity, with reported clashes with army forces and additional roads being barricaded in protest. [419] To note, the report was first published by a foreign news station, the Saudi-owned TV station Al-Hadath, and there is no other reference of the attack. [62] An announcement was also made by Minister of Higher Education Akram Chehayeb that all schools and universities, public or private, would remain closed the next day. [313] In response to Lebanon's request for technical assistance from the IMF earlier in February, hundreds of protesters have gathered around Lebanon's central bank and parliament on 15 February, in rejection of the request. Delay", "Protesters block roads in Lebanon as anti-gov't rallies resume", "Lebanese protesters back in streets following brief lull", "Protesters close roads, call for release of detainees", "Violence, arrests outside Helou barracks", "UN envoy slams Lebanon's leaders as protests rock Beirut", "Lebanon protests turn violent for second night", "Lebanese demonstrators block roads as protests enter fourth month", "Lebanese block roads as revived protests enter fourth month", "Lebanon: Police Violence Against Protesters", "Lebanon releases protesters as rights groups slam security forces", "Scores wounded as Lebanon's anti-gov't protests turn violent", "Lebanon police fire tear gas at protesters in violent 'week of rage, "Protests in Lebanon reach new intensity, dozens taken to hospital: Analysis", "400 hurt as Lebanon protesters clash with security forces", "Lebanon anti-government protests near parliament building leave dozens wounded", "Lebanese security forces, protesters clash for second night", "U.S. journalist detained during Lebanon protests on suspicion of sending footage to Israel", "Haaretz denies any connection to journalist arrested in Lebanon", "American journalist arrested by Lebanese military over reporting for 'Israeli enemy newspaper, "Public uproar in protest-hit Lebanon over FM's Davos invite", "Lawmaker Targeted by Lebanese Protests Rejects Calls to Quit", "Lebanon's former foreign minister tries to defend Davos trip as country faces economic collapse", "New Lebanon government ends months of deadlock", "After months of protest, Lebanon forms new government", "Lebanon announces new government, protestors far from impressed", "Protests in Lebanon continue as new government fails to assuage anger", "Lebanon announces formation of new government", "New Government in Crisis-Hit Lebanon, But Protests Continue", "Lebanon: New government must immediately rein in security forces after weekend of violence", "As the Lebanon Uprising Hits 100-Day Mark, Protesters Allege Torture by Security Forces", "Lebanese protesters rally in Beirut to mark 100 days of demonstrations", "Heavy security in Beirut as parliament convenes on budget", "Lebanese parliament approves 2020 budget", "Lebanon parliament passes 2020 budget amid protests", "Lebanon passes budget critics call 'useless piece of paper, "Lebanon passes new budget amid anti-government protests", "Experts: New Hezbollah-backed Cabinet Unlikely to Calm Protests in Lebanon", "Protesters outside US Embassy in Lebanon decry Trump plan", "Hundreds protest against US Mideast peace plan in Lebanon", "Protesters Outside US Embassy in Lebanon Decry Trump Plan", "Lebanese Protesters Decry Trump Plan Outside U.S. Embassy", "Lebanese security forces pepper spray demonstrators outside US Embassy", "Lebanon: Protesters gather in Tripoli against poverty, corruption", "Lebanon president to force displaced persons to return home", "Women call for rights, lead change in Lebanon protests", "Lebanon gov't wins Parliament's confidence vote despite protests", "Lebanon government wins confidence vote as protests rage in Beirut", "Lebanese govt wins no confidence vote despite protests", "Security forces use tear gas as Lebanon protesters try to block confidence vote", "Defiant, Lebanon's Hariri says deal with Aoun is 'history, "Hundreds of Lebanese protest against gov't request for IMF support", "Lebanon Warned of Implosion as IMF, World Bank Plead for Reforms", "Snubbed by Gulf, Lebanon's PM Diab Hosts Iranian Official", "Iran Ready to Cooperate with Lebanon's New Gov't in All Areas: Speaker", "Crisis Drives Lebanese Abroad in Search of Better Future", "Saudi Arabia is ready to support debt-ridden Lebanon – but wants to see a reform plan first, finance minister says", "Exclusive: If Lebanon Needs Financial Aid, France Will Be There, Finmin Says", "Lebanon economy: Gov't works towards emergency financial plan", "In Lebanon, migrant workers hit by financial crisis", "First Coronavirus Case Confirmed in Lebanon", "Lebanon says schools to be closed from 29 Feb.-March 8 amid coronavirus: education ministry statement", "Lebanon PM: 'We can no longer protect our people, "Most Lebanese MPs oppose paying debt even if it means default", "Hundreds protest against banks, money exchange companies in southern Lebanon", "Lebanon passes law to lift banking secrecy", "Lebanon state prosecutor blocks order to freeze assets of 20 banks", "Protests renewed as exchange rate hits LL2,600", "Lebanon suspends asset freeze on 20 banks", "Lebanese judge suspends prosecutor's order to freeze bank assets", "Lebanon to default on debt for first time amid financial crisis", "Lebanon defaults on sovereign debt after months of protests", "Protests march on across Lebanon against economic situation", "Amid protests and crises, Lebanon defaults on Eurobond", "Lebanon Banks, Prosecutor Agree Rules for Easing Deposit Restrictions", "Lebanon banks, prosecutor agree rules for easing deposit restrictions", "Coronavirus Hastens Lebanon's Impending Economic Collapse", "Lebanon will shut airport, restrict movement over coronavirus", "Lebanon to shut airport from Wednesday in coronavirus measure", "Lebanon to stop paying back all debt in foreign currencies", "Lebanon to stop paying outstanding Eurobonds: ministry", "Lebanese police remove Beirut protest camp", "Protesters cry foul play as police destroy encampments in downtown Beirut", "Lebanon: decision to dismantle protest camps over coronavirus fears causes controversy", "Lebanon's police clear protest camps in Beirut as coronavirus curfew takes effect", "Coronavirus forces Lebanese protesters into new posture", "Lebanese Activists Fear Hezbollah-led Government Is Using Coronavirus to Solidify Power", "Activists, journalist arrested in Lebanon after defying coronavirus lockdown", "Lebanon asks for financial aid as coronavirus outbreak continues", "Lebanon calls on international donors to provide coronavirus relief funds", "Lebanon prisons hit by unrest amid coronavirus fears", "Lebanese prisoners riot over coronavirus fears", "US citizens in Lebanon decline repatriation offer, saying it's 'safer' in Beirut", "US Citizens in Lebanon Refuse Repatriation over Coronavirus, Say Beirut is Safer", "Lebanon: MPs meet in theatre, protesters out in cars", "MPs reject draft laws, reforms as Lebanese protest for second day", "Protests resumed in Lebanon against gov't policies", "Lebanese Parliament convenes amid protests", "One dead, dozens injured in Lebanon riots with banks smashed", "Clashes in Lebanon over price hikes turn deadly", "Banks targeted in Lebanon's 'night of the Molotov, "Small protests break out in Lebanese cities in third night of unrest", "Protests turn to riots as crisis-hit Lebanon approves economic rescue plan", "Lebanon approves long-awaited economic rescue plan after months of unrest", "Lebanon approves long-awaited economic rescue plan after angry protests", "Lebanese Cabinet's endorsement of reforms clears way for IMF approach", "Lebanese protest against rescue plan as government seeks IMF help", "Lebanese protest despite government's economic rescue plan", "Protests continue in Lebanon despite government's economic rescue plan", "Lebanon banks reject rescue plan as government asks IMF for help", "Lebanon heads towards unknown as banks reject government's rescue plan", "Hard Work Lies ahead for Lebanon on Road to IMF Aid Deal as Banks Reject Rescue Plan", "Lebanese journalists face increased risks covering protests during pandemic", "Lebanese bank official arrested for alleged currency manipulation", "Lebanon Arrests Director at Central Bank Over Currency Chaos", "Lebanon denies currency manipulation after arrest order", "Lebanon arrests central bank official in currency crisis probe", "Lebanon's protesters offer safety tips, support for US demonstrators", "#BlackLivesMatter: Lebanon activists share protest tips with US demonstrators", "Middle East expresses support for George Floyd protests in US", "Lebanon warns protesters against blocking roads", "Lebanon Just Extended The Lockdown For The Sixth Time", "Diab warns protesters against plunging Lebanon into chaos", "Dozens wounded in Lebanon as protesters demand basic rights", "Lebanon: Violence erupts as rival protesters flood Beirut", "Clashes, Tear Gas in Beirut as Protests Turn to Riots", "Anti-government protests resume in Lebanon as lockdown eased", "Lebanon's Currency Plunges, and Protesters Surge into Streets", "Lebanon in currency crisis as protests spread across the country", "Nationwide protests grip Lebanon as currency tanks", "Lebanon Vows to Stabilize Currency After Night of Angry Protests", "Lebanon protests escalate as currency dives", "Lebanon protests: Hundreds take to streets for second night", "Lebanese Security, Anti-Government Protesters Clash in Beirut", "Lebanon protesters call on gov't to resign amid economic crisis",, "Protesters clash with security forces in Jounieh", "Scuffles, Jounieh Highway Blocked over Activist's Arrest", "Lebanese Activist Accused By Military Prosecutor Of Dealing With Israel", "Protests resumed in Lebanon against dire living conditions", "Lebanon protests rage as currency plunges", "Lebanon: Top brass has critics in crosshairs as economy collapses", "Lebanese pound plunges as politicians bicker", "Lebanon: Interior Minister admits killing 2 during civil war", "Lebanese interior minister admits to killing two people", "Lebanon's interior minister says he killed two people in civil war", "Lebanese Minister: President Michel Aoun protected me after killing two in civil war",,,,, "Dozens Mourn Man Who Killed Himself in Busy Beirut District", "Lebanon economic crisis: Two people die by suicide amid financial hardship", "Protests rage in Lebanon as anger grows against spiraling economic crisis", "Lebanese block roads in Beirut amid economic woes", "Lebanese protesters rally outside US Embassy in Beirut against 'interference, "Lebanese Hold Raucous Rally Outside US Embassy in Beirut", "Lebanese Hold Protest Rally outside US Embassy in Beirut (+Video)", "Lebanese hold raucous rally outside US Embassy in Beirut", "Lebanon foreign minister resigns citing risks of a 'failed state, "Lebanon's foreign minister resigns amid economic crisis", "Lebanon foreign minister resigns, warning 'the ship will sink' amid financial crisis", "Lebanon foreign minister resigns in protest at crisis management", "Lebanon's Foreign Minister Nassif Hitti resigns", "Lebanon protesters storm energy ministry sparking scuffles", "Lebanon: Protesters attempt to storm Energy Ministry amid crippling power cuts", "Lebanon protesters try to storm energy ministry amid power cuts", "Anti-government protests break out in Beirut", "Beirut police fire teargas at protesters demanding justice over explosion", "Watch: Anti-government protesters take to the streets following Beirut explosion", "Lebanon turns 100 amid upheaval and crises", Clashes in Beirut as anger swells over port blast: Live updates, "Fire Breaks Out Near Lebanese Parliament Amid Clashes With Protesters: Tv", "Lebanon protesters storm ministries as violent protests grip Beirut", "Fire breaks out near Lebanese parliament amid clashes with protesters: tv", "Lebanese Ministers, Lawmakers Resign Following Beirut Blast", "Second day of protests as anger over Beirut explosion grows: Live", "Beirut explosion: Donors pledge aid for Lebanon but want reform", "Lebanon: Military and security forces attack unarmed protesters following explosions – new testimony", "Investigation: Excessive force used against Beirut protesters", "Investigation: Lebanese army indiscriminately attacked unarmed protesters: Amnesty International", "HRW: Lebanese forces used excessive force in blast protests", "Lebanon: Lethal Force Used Against Protesters", "Lebanese Forces Used Excessive Force in Blast Protests: HRW", "Security forces tear gas anti-gov't protesters on centennial", "Rescue Dog and Hopes of a Miracle Captivate Ravaged Beirut", "Beirut explosion: Search resumes for possible survivor after signs of life detected in rubble", "Signs of Life Detected Under Rubble a Month After Beirut Blast, Says Rescuer", "Beirut explosion: Rescuers investigate 'heartbeat in the rubble, "Lebanon: Over 4 tonnes of ammonium nitrate found near Beirut port", "Over 4 tons of ammonium nitrate found near site of Beirut port blast", "Panic again at Beirut port as huge fire breaks out", "Beirut port ablaze, weeks after massive blast", "Huge fire at Beirut port brought under control", "Beirut fire: Large blaze erupts in port a month after explosion", "Lebanese army fires rubber bullets during protests near presidential palace", "Lebanese protesters clash with army near presidential palace", "Lebanese rally near presidential palace to demand justice over port blast", "Troops form human barrier as rival protesters clash in Beirut", "Lebanese Anti-government Protesters Clash With Army Near Presidential Palace", "Lebanon crisis: Fire erupts in Zaha Hadid-designed shopping Centre in Beirut", "Beirut: fire breaks out at Zaha Hadid building", "Fire erupts in Beirut building designed by Zaha Hadid", "Fire erupts in building near Beirut's port, cause unclear",,, "Lebanon's Government Resigns Over Beirut Explosion", "Lebanon's government steps down in wake of Beirut blast", "Lebanese Government Resigns Following Beirut Blast", "Lebanon's Government Has Quit, Protesters Have Not", "Mustapha Adib, Lebanon's new PM-designate", "Lebanon: Mustapha Adib front-runner for PM after Beirut blast", "Ambassador to Germany set to be named crisis-hit Lebanon's prime minister-designate at Monday's nomination process", "Newly designated Lebanese PM urges immediate reforms, IMF deal", "PM-designate Mustapha Adib urges reforms in crisis-hit Lebanon", "Lebanon establishment tasks Mustapha Adib with forming new gov't", "Macron calls for reforms as Lebanon names new prime minister", "Macron meets Aoun and cherished Lebanese singer Fairouz to kick off Beirut visit", "French President Macron says Lebanon has promised to form cabinet within two weeks",, "Lebanon PM-designate steps down amid impasse over gov't formation", "Lebanon's PM-designate, named as part of French initiative to save the country, steps down", "Lebanon: Prime Minister-designate Mustapha Adib resigns", "Macron accuses Lebanon's leaders of 'betrayal' for failures", "Macron accuses Lebanon's leaders of 'betrayal' over political failure", "Macron accuses Lebanese leaders of 'betrayal' over failure to form a government", "Macron accuses Lebanese leaders of betrayal", "Hundreds march in Lebanon to mark year of anti-gov't protests",, "Lebanon: Anti-government protesters mark one year of 'revolution, "Hariri in line to lead next Lebanese government", "Lebanese security chief tests positive for COVID-19 in U.S", "Lebanon security chief returns to Beirut after positive COVID-19 test in U.S.", "Lebanon's Hariri on Course to Be Named PM Again", "Man killed as protests sweep Lebanon after Aoun interview", "@ALJADEEDNEWS briefly showed the funeral/reception held by Alaa Abou Fakhr.

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