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Spike Lee's 2018 film tells the extraordinary story of Ron Stallworth, the black police officer who infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan in 1972 with the assistance of Jewish cop Flip Zimmerman. Their insecurities pogo off each other, George’s “I changed my whole life for you, and you’re all I have left, and somehow this isn’t enough” bouncing off Mae’s “I’m not really what you want, so of course there’s not enough!”. Fresh off his ‘Big World Tour,’ playing to over 800,000 fans in sold out arenas across the globe, the comedic superstar recalls international encounters like avoiding shark attacks in Australia, New Zealanders’ strange relationship with vowels, the difference between performing for a US audience vs a British audience, as well as his trademark tales of family life. He has no memory of how he got there, discovering later that it has been erased. This post break-up film will have you laughing, crying and feeling enlightened. Secluded and existing in a silent world, this young woman has to fight her way to safety after a psychotic killer appears outside her window. Sarah Jessica Parker plays Carrie Bradshaw as the fashion journalist whose consumed with her obsession for name brands and still seeing Mr. Big (Chris North). The film was lauded by critics as one of the best of 2018 and won three Oscars. The Four Horseman are tricking everyone including the FBI, Chris Hemsworth plays a mercenary called Tyler Rake, who is tasked with rescuing the kidnapped son of a drug lord in Bangladesh, Taiwanese factory worker leaves his homeland to seek The American Dream, Mark Wahlberg stars in this Netflix action movie, The former FLOTUS Michelle Obama has her own documentary on Netflix, Jennifer does her best to escape her psycho husband who wants to kill her. EastEnders' sinister Xmas trailer teases Lucas Johnson return and Ian's attacker, My cop bosses didn't listen when I warned them Sutcliffe was the Ripper, Gogglebox's Jenny and Lee confirm show will be back in February, I'd liked to have met bikini killer's lover to ask why, says Serpent's Jenna, Georgia Kousoulou is pregnant with her first child with Tommy Mallet, ©News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Saoirse Ronan stars as a teenager with a turbulent relationship with her mother. A heart-warming, uplifting drama centred around revolutionising the way a small Texas town thinks. With newcomers Lana Condor and Noah Centineo in high school portraying a fake relationship, what could go wrong? On what is a very emotional journey, they have to deal with the traumatic memories of the horrific violence and the men they became as a result. Going to the local orphanage they stumble upon a young lady named Esther. By joining Slate Plus you support our work and get exclusive content. And you'll never see this message again. The movie also explores broader themes concerning the experiences of black people in the United States. Deadpool is Ryan's passion project and he really cuts loose on screen, verbally and physically with some great action sequences and plenty of bloodshed. Reminiscent of Spy Kids, former CIA agent Bob Ho0 (Jackie Chan) takes on one his most challenging assignments to date. Sanaa Lathan has the seemingly perfect life until a devastating event throws all her plans into chaos. Battling through the system and finding out information about the higher ups on her terms, Tris (Shailene Woodley) enlists the help of her faction in order to uncover the conspiracies that their leader (Kate Winslet) is hiding. The games get worse as they go along, so how far are they all willing to go? Family friendly animation voiced by Hugh Jackman, Elijah Wood and the late Brittany Murphy and Robin Williams. Many feel like Adam Sandler was robbed of awards glory this year for his unrecognisable turn in Uncut Gems. All six episodes are now available to watch in most Netflix regions, while viewers in the … The bar owner fancies himself as somewhat of a relationship expert, or an expert on men’s sleazy habits and the way women respond to them. The pair go through a gruelling divorce that pushes them and their personal extremes to the limit.Â. Newlywed Jennifer (Brenda Song) is brutally attacked at a dark rest stop. The comedian's Netflix series "Feel Good" has been renewed for a second and final season at the streamer. The sequel to the original cult classic follows Brittany Allen, who has to make new friends when her wealthy family moves to a new town. Though she’s been sober for years, she’s always on the edge. After initially denying his request she gives in, forming an unlikely friendship with him and even discovers that she has feelings for Aster. The warrior princess soon learns about World War I and sets out to save the human race with Steve's help. While healing from her injuries, she can't recall anything from her past, including the ordeal. If you value our work, please disable your ad blocker. Drawing on the message of the importance of family, this heart-warming film is definitely one to watch. Set in Japan, the original language is Japanese but there's both English dubbing and subtitles available. Brace yourselves for some mystifying magic tricks, as The Four Horseman try to outwit an elite FBI squad that wants to take down the super-team of illusionists. The storyline follows Bill's character, cynical TV weatherman Phil Connors, who becomes trapped in a time loop and forced to relive February 2 repeatedly. A funny story with a twist for those days you need to laugh. She keeps Mae a secret from her posh, boorish friends and family, undermining Mae’s confidence all the while. Family friendly animation about the son of a Viking Chief who is trying to live up to his father's expectations of him. Tom Hanks plays a death row officer in the 1930s in this hard-hitting drama from 1999, Jim Carrey plays an insurance salesman called Truman Burbank who is oblivious to the fact that he's the star of his very own show, Tonya Harding's biopic shows her tumultuous rise to the top and her subsequent fall, Breaking Bad has been billed as one of the best TV series of all time, so a movie spin-off had big shoes to fill, Jake Gyllenhaal stars in 2013 thriller Prisoners alongside Hugh Jackman, This 1998 crime drama stars Jeff Bridges and John Goodman, Blackkklansman tells an extraordinary true story starring Adam Driver and John David Washington, Benedict Cumberbatch was nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his turn as real life genius Alan Turing, Ghostbusters co-stars Bill Murray and Harold Ramis joined forces once again for this 1993 classic, This 2007 film starring Josh Brolin, Tommy Lee Jones and Javier Bardem went on to win four Oscars, including Best Picture, Rising Phoenix tracks a range of moving, personal stories, I'm Thinking of Ending Things looks be a major tearjerker, The Devil All The Time stars Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson, Michael McIntyre fans will get to see the comedian on the road, Project power stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jamie Fox, Deadpool is Ryan's passion project and he really cuts loose on screen, Tom Hardy play journalist Eddie Brock, who gains superpowers after being bound to an alien, Da 5 Boods explores broader themes concerning the experiences of black people in the United States, This wrestling movie is based on the life of former WWE superstar Paige, Brie Larson won an Oscar for her role in Room, The Trial of the Chicago 7 boasts a stellar cast, Jesse Eisenberg plays Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network, Credit: MERRICK MORTON/COLUMBIA PICTURES/NETFLIX, The Boys in the Band is a film adaptation of the Broadway play, Enola Holmes stars Millie Bobby Brown in the titular role, Charlize Theron leads the cast in this action film, Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO). After getting into legal trouble, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) is called up by Harry (Colin Firth) and has to compete against the most competitive recruits in order to earn his place at Kingsman. When Oscar-winning director Bong Joon-Ho is at the helm, you know it's going to be a good movie, and that's certainly the case with Okja. IT only appears to children and reels them in by talking to them, making himself seem like the perfect 'friend'. Even after George comes out and publicly commits to Mae, Mae is convinced that George, in her heart of hearts, wants something more predictable, square, and straight and will, inevitably, end up with a man and a “normal” life, because that’s what she’s always imagined for herself. Also starring Theo James. Delving into personal demons, the protagonists must find their way back to the surface to escape. Feel Good season 1, episode 1 introduces the audience to a quirky stand-up comedian that is head over heels for one of her spectators. Shy, straight-A student Ellie (Leah Lewis) is hired by half of the student body to write their essays for them. Jennifer Aniston is the mother of a young plus-size teen who wants to win a beauty contest. However, their pursuit of curiosity turns into a tense battle for survival as they find it to be a hunting ground for Great White Sharks. Take it from us: there’s no shame in not making it through The Irishman. Here are 25 feel-good films now available on Netflix. His character forms an unlikely friendship with condemned black prisoner John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan), who has been sentenced to death for murdering two little girls. 449 Shares ... "To man it is given to be whatever he chooses to be." Tensions run high in the Safdie brothers film, but you will certainly be rewarded for your commitment to the two hour film. Shot in a documentary format, it shows the abuse Tonya faced at the hands of her husband and mother. The films shows scenes of soul-searching and depictions of adults that most teenagers probably agree with.Â. Based on the Broadway classic, a foster kid who lives with her mean foster mum has her life turned upside down when the New York mayoral candidate decides to take her in. As Russell (Mike Vogel) reintroduces her to their secluded mountain estate, Detective Page (Dennis Haysbert) pursues Jennifer's assailant - his own daughter went missing and was never found. Alan decrypted German intelligence messages for the British government during the Second World War and helped develop a machine that eventually cracked the enemy's Enigma code. It also stars Laura Linney, Holland Taylor and Ed Harris. Jumanji has since released a video game-themed sequel Next Level. At the meetings, Mae starts to work up a theory of addiction, which is really a theory of her relationship: What if addicts, even when they’re not doing drugs, continue to single-mindedly and obsessively pursue behaviors, or people, that aren’t good for them? Meanwhile, Gyllenhaal plays an erratic, obsessive cop who is becoming increasingly frustrated at the crumbling investigation. The water-bound mental hospital houses the criminally insane and they need to investigate the disappearance of Rachel Solando (Emily Mortimer). Becoming is a documentary film about the former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama. What he didn’t know was that entailed saving a princess from a tower guarded by a dragon. The brave high school group have to remember one thing: IT feeds off their fear. George Clooney and Brad Pitt can still leave fans swooning when they pull off a bank heist. Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: 81%. This Spike Lee sees four Vietnam war veterans as they return to the country in the present day, searching for the body of their ex commander and the treasure he left behind. After meeting Ally through an unusual twist of fate, he finds meaning and happiness in his life again. Michelle Williams co-stars as Eddie's fiancee, who is horrified when he goes behind her back and reads a classified document in her possession which ends up leading him to Venom and them both to lose their jobs. Join Slate Plus to continue reading, and you’ll get unlimited access to all our work—and support Slate’s independent journalism. A college graduate enters into a sexual contract with a sadomasochistic business magnate.Â, However, she gets more than she bargained for when secrets and scandals come spilling out.Â. For other inquiries, Contact Us. She’s just closeted. Set in 1954 as World War II veteran and federal marshal Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) and his new partner Chuck (Mark Ruffalo) jump on a ferry to Shutter Island. Combining the concept of cheerleading with other forms of dance, she finds her place with her new pals, only to face off against her previous school posse. With this story we aim to draw your attention to the feel-good regional movies on Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar. What is divergent and why do the factions hide those who are divergent? As an older man and WWII veteran he reflects on all of his prolific hits and debates his involvement in the disappearance of his good friend Jimmy Hoffa. Artist Matt Furie, creator of the comic character Pepe the Frog, begins an uphill battle to take back his iconic cartoon image from those who used it for their own purposes. Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating: Not yet available. Morgan Freeman, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher and Dave Franco pull off some spectacular stunts in this blockbuster. Based on Steve Harvey’s book of the same name, the four interconnected couples start taking the advice from the book. Roma is a semi-autobiographical film about a maid working for an upper-middle class family in Mexico City in the 1970's by Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón. Netflix has released the first trailer for the upcoming half-hour series Feel Good. Trapped at the farm during a snowstorm with Jake’s mother (Toni Collette) and father (David Thewlis), the young woman begins to question the nature of everything she knew or understood about her boyfriend, herself, and the world. Riverdale hottie Charles Melton and the beautiful Yara Shahidi play star crossed lovers who only have just hours to get to know one another. They both need someone just a little more confident in themselves than either of them can be. The connection between Brie and her young co-star Jacob Tremblay is powerful and moving, as the mother and son plot a daring escape. Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse (2018) Good for all ages, this superhero origin story follows Brooklyn teen Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) on a high-flying adventure that spins in a busted Spider-Man (Jake Johnson), a smirking Spider-Gwen (Hailee Steinfeld), the perky Peni Parker (Kimiko Glenn), the porky Spider-Ham (John Mulaney), and the hilariously dark Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage). The documentary is partly based on her bestselling memoir of the same name, released in 2018. Based upon the acclaimed comic book of the same name.Â. Videos Feel Good. Trust me when I say: It feels good enough. Rebel Wilson is back as New York City architect Natalie whose trying her hardest to get noticed at her job. The self proclaimed invisible girl makes a name for herself in a way that she didn't want to. While the animal activism message does touch on preachy, it is still an enjoyable and heartwarming watch, so have the tissues ready. A cautionary tale on internet culture, ... Best Netflix Series and Shows. Starring Dylan O’Brian, Will Poulter and Kaya Scodelario. If you're a sucker for clichés, then this one has your name written all over it. When she goes to Verona on her pre-wedding honeymoon she finds inspiration in the form of letters left on Juliet’s balcony. ... Natalie Palamides: Nate - A One Man Show. Paige's journey pushes her to dig deep and ultimately prove to the world that what makes her different is the very thing that can make her a star. On a mission to find her parents once they go missing and adamant to find her way home, Chihiro befriends Haiku in this mystical tale. The move comes as he wants to become mayor and needs something to make him look like the perfect candidate. After a zombie epidemic, an unusual zombie encounters a human and the two form a special relationship. The thrilling action-adventure is set in a dystopian world where people are divided into district factions based on human virtues. Delroy Lindo (The Good Fight), Clarke Peters (The Wire), Norm Lewis (Scandal), Isiah Whitlock Jr (BlacKkKlansman) and the late Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther) play the original Bloods, with Jonathan Majors representing the next generation. Two students at an elite high school who already have a heated rivalry compete with each other even when they’re on the same debate team. Arts & Culture Netflix movies on Netflix Netflix movies feel-good movies Always Be My Maybe Chef Clueless Crazy Stupid Love Eurovision: The Story of Fire Saga Juno Matilda Sex and the City The Movie The Notebook To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before best movies on netflix This feel-good flick will have you up and dancing. He learns that millionaire Jeffrey Lebowski was the intended victim and when the rich man's trophy wife is kidnapped, he tasks The Dude with delivering the ransom money. Enola sets out to find her mother (Helena) after she disappears on the morning of her 16th birthday. All contents © 2020 The Slate Group LLC. Comedian Sacha takes on one of his grittiest roles to date as American political and social activist, Abbie Hoffman, an anarchist who was a big name in the Flower Power movement in the late 1960s. Born into a tight-knit wrestling family, Paige and her brother Zak are ecstatic when they get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try out for the WWE. The catacombs provide the backdrop for this horror flick. Season 2, currently in production in London, is slated to premiere in 2021… After the loss of their unborn child, Kate and John decide to look past their crumbling marriage and adopt a child. A Group of rebellious teenagers in detention bond over their struggles both in school and out.Â. If you’re not used to facing hard truths, then this film will help you out.Â. Maybe then Mae and George will work things out, or maybe they’ll figure out they aren’t supposed to. Breaking Bad has been billed as one of the best TV series of all time, so a movie spin-off had big shoes to fill. Featuring an all-star cast of Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone, … In a New Year's Eve and Valentine’s Day-esque format, this story follows four women in relationships  who’d like to know more about why men think the way they do. Watch Season 1 Now on Netflix. Two girls find that their country home is in the middle of a mystical forest inhabited by fascinating mythical creatures. This film is based on the life of former WWE superstar Paige. On the streets of New Orleans, word begins to spread about a mysterious new pill that unlocks superpowers unique to each user. Meanwhile Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha are facing their own dilemma's with romance, families, children and pursuing dreams. Look no further than this. This makes it sound like Mae and George are on equal footing. The hit series has been made into a big screen feature. Margot Robbie plays Tonya, who is fighting for her place on the ice to make her name as the world's best figure skater. Review: The Prom delivers a fun, feel-good Netflix date Despite pacing problems and a miscast James Corden, this starry adaptation of the Broadway musical scores big laughs By Glenn Sumi Jesse Eisenberg plays Mark, who created a site that took his college campus by storm - and then the world. All is not what it seems with this young lady, Riverdale's Camilla Mendes get's caught up in a web of lies, Exploring Paris catacombs comes with risks, Expect the unexpected in this blockbuster, Concentrate on the little details in this movie as there are many shocking twists, Richard Gere plays a hotshot lawyer chasing fame as well as justice in this classic 1996 film, This 2018 supernatural horror stars Australian actress Toni Collette, Ever wondered what babies think about?

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