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Hi Maggie, I have planned my visit to Croatia from 25th Feb to 02nd March 2020. Thanks for the comment, Frank! Click here to browse other places in Pula! We chose early October as it was still warm, the water temperature swimmable and at most places, fewer tour groups. With pleasant temperatures during the day in the mid-20s cooling off in the evening, sightseeing is a lot easier to enjoy. You need at least four hours to see the majority of the park, but you can easily spend longer. The opportunities in this beautiful nation are endless and only your imagination is the limit! Hostel Mali Mrak — This locally-run hostel is one of the best places to stay in Zagreb if you’re travelling solo or on a budget. If you follow the recommendations in the Classic Croatia Itinerary above, you are assured to have a wonderful final few days in this beautiful country. Maggie is a co-founder and writer for The World Was Here First. •, Croatia Itinerary: 7 Days (Classic Croatia Itinerary), Croatia Itinerary: 7 Days (Istrian Highlights Itinerary), Croatia Itinerary: 7 Days (Adriatic Coast Itinerary), Croatia Itinerary: 14 Days (The Best of Croatia), Plitvice as a day trip from Zagreb or Split, rental car has the proper documentation to cross the borders, Click here to browse other options in Dubrovnik, click here to get a quote from WorldNomads,, 8 Great Reasons to Visit Cartagena, Spain, The Best Coat for London Winter (or Spring & Autumn! Depending on the time you have allowed yourself to see Croatia, it is worthwhile to visit one or more of the Must-See National Parks of Croatia. Make sure to climb St Anastasia’s Cathedral tower for a view of the city, visit the old City Walls that prevented capture from the Turks, and wander the promenade for a harbor view. This will give you enough time to see all of the biggest sites and get lost in the city’s beautiful old town. It takes you from the tip of Croatia to the toe, through interesting cities, beautiful beaches, and stunning … Hi , I would be landing at zadar airport in september and planned for a 7 day trip, could you suggest how should we plan.. About us- Couple with no historical interests but love nature, scenery , beaches. At times, these routes are country lanes and you end up taking longer. So, if you want to take the road less travelled, take a look at this Istria itinerary: Begin your 7 days in Croatia in the historic port city of Pula. Visit the medieval island of Lokrum, or visit three islands of Kolocep, Lopud, and Sipan on a day tour. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the … High season is typically over by the end of September and you will start to see tourists clearing out and some businesses closing up by this time. If you’re driving to Croatia from Slovenia or Italy, it makes total sense to … Road-Trip de 15 jours et 2500 km (de route)" by Eric LSeV available from Rakuten Kobo. Enjoy a week in Split exploring the nearby islands of Hvar, Trogir, and Brac. We would like to stay 10 more days to go to neighboring countries as well as doing a little hiking, biking and kayaking the area. Among the many reasons to visit Zagreb are its stately and contemporary museums, its … We recommend spending two days exploring Zadar. Or you can just take in the laid-back atmosphere and hop from cafe to cafe, enjoying an espresso drink, some local wine, or even a shot of rakija or two! Click here to see their latest prices, Not quite what you’re looking for? Click here to browse other options in Split. Or take the Ferry from Venice across the Adriatic and travel down the coast of Croatia. Having heard so much of Croatia, we decided to use our time to do a three-week road trip through Croatia to Albania. Very excited being my great grandmother and grandfather came from Croatia I want to experience the finest places the country offers. A favorite for visitors to the city would be The Riva – waterfront promenade. Restaurant suggestion: Taverna Konoba near the entrance to Paklenica NP (great seafood platter), and Lucija for Pizza, Beer and casual dining on the seafront promenade. Thanks b. Often the supermarkets will have small bakeries for bread. HI This way you will have more time to, Stay Longer and Experience More. And to get an idea of day trips available, you can search and book online with Viator. Rijeka/Opatija. The final three days on this particular 7-day Croatia itinerary should be spent in beautiful and lively Split. Any suggestions on how best to do this? So, if you want to take the road less travelled, take a look at this Istria itinerary: Days 1-3: Pula. However, wherever you are coming from, a stop at Trogir is a must-see destination. Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. That means if you click a link and make a purchase, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your comment, Jennifer. One has to account the time to get back to Zagreb. It … Just remember to factor this in when calculating the kilometers for your self-drive road trip. We had already visited Zagreb on our 10-country 10-night road trip and found the city to be a vibrant place to visit. And, we have to say, our Croatia road trip proved to be one of our best traveling experiences, helped mostly by planning a road trip itinerary at a slower pace. Hello, Maggie! Vous trouverez facilement de quoi vous loger en Croatie … Two days in Zagreb is a perfect amount of time to spend in order to really get a feel for the city and will probably lend to you longing to return one day! Keep in mind that if you are planning on driving yourself that your rental car has the proper documentation to cross the borders. De Porec à Dubrovnik, vous pourrez avoir un bon aperçu des richesses de la Croatie … Take a boat ride to the famous Blue Cave. With a fantastic roading system and a beautiful coastline, a road trip in Croatia is highly recommended. 2 nights Opatija Road trip en Italie (15 jours). We highly recommend your road trip to Croatia for its wonderful coastline. If you are planning to visit Hungary or Slovenia, it’s easy to take a detour to Zagreb. And remember to check if your home country requires an international driver’s license when booking. It became a staple for us, especially when we heated it in a pan with olive oil. This detailed Croatia 10-day itinerary will give you an idea of what you can do on each day of your trip… Well the departures from Sućuraj are at: 06:30, 09:45, 12:15, 15:00, 18:00 and 22:00. Many international flights land in Zagreb, and since it’s easy to see the main attractions in one afternoon the country’s capital is a great place to do some … Either take more time to go beyond the tourist sites in the city itself or take another day trip. The summer months of late June-August are the most popular times to travel to Croatia and if you plan to hit the most visited cities in the country, you can expect them to be very crowded. One highlight of our stay was the dance festival on Saturday evening. Any suggestions on a good itineraries for pre and post trip? Click here to see their latest prices, Tinel B&B Premium Edition — This bed and breakfast offers modern, comfortable rooms and free breakfast in the morning in a fantastic Old Town Zadar location. On the second day, take to the car and head inland to visit some of the most picturesque hill towns in Istria. Je vous écris ce message car nous sommes en plein préparatifs pour nos vacances de cet été en Italie. Korcula Island is the sixth-largest in the Adriatic is a popular island with beautiful beaches and stunning architecture. This is not always the case and you will be turned away at the border if you don’t have the proper papers. Here is a link to our YouTube channel of a traditional dance from a visiting Lithuania dance troupe. To discover more about Split, and for day trips from Split click on the link to read more. The Paklenica National Park on our doorstep, a busy small seaside promenade, and history as an early Roman settlement, there was plenty of daily activity for us. And make sure to avoid these mistakes while traveling Croatia. While winters in Dalmatia and on the coast tend to be mild compared to that of other European countries, the north of Croatia — in places like Zagreb or the Slavonia region — can expect to experience fairly heavy snowfall and average high temperatures that linger just above freezing. Day trips or charter a sleeping boat for a few days? The region of Istria on the Adriatic Sea gave us the feeling of the Mediterranean. There are our recommendations: Hotel Angelo d’Oro â€” a small hotel in the middle of old town Rovinj, this place has a number of rooms on offer and comes very highly rated. Trogir was once under Venetian rule, so the architecture is stunning with its Cathedral of St Lawrence a UNESCO site. Pula has an international airport that serves a multitude of airlines and destinations but if you don’t arrive by plane, it is also well-connected by bus. On vous a concocté un petit itinéraire pour découvrir ce fantastique pays en 15 jours. Click here to browse other options in Zadar. Is it right if westart our trip from Riga by bus? And the good news is, you don’t need a large bank balance. On your last day in the city, consider taking one of the many potential day trips from Split. That doesn’t mean, however, that there is a shortage of great place to stay in Zadar. Would you love to learn how you too can Slow Travel for a few months, a year or as a lifestyle option? The crystal clear waters and warm waters mean you sometimes find you are still enjoying the beach rather than getting to your planned destination. A road trip through Croatia is one of the best ways to see the most of this wonderful country, and the experience will leave you wanting to see more. Vodopad Gubavica has two waterfalls, with the larger at 50m, one of the biggest in Croatia. If you have 8 days in Croatia rather than the 7 days I’ve accounted for in this itinerary, then I would suggest spending another day in Split. The hosts looked after us well and offered plenty of suggestions of what to see and where to eat. Martin Brod Waterfall (Bosnia) Driving Time: 3 Hours. With a fantastic roading system and a beautiful coastline, a road trip in Croatia is highly recommended. 2 nights Dubrovnik If you have yet to experience a canyon, then making this trip will definitely not be a disappointment. It covers all of the main tourist highlights of Croatia with possible day-trip options to nearby national parks and beautiful islands. Both Krka and Plitvice are similar, but you can still get different things out of them if you want to visit both. Zagreb is also an excellent place to educate yourself on the Yugoslav Wars, which were particularly devastating here. Paklenica National Park is recommended if you love hiking or climbing. If you are new to Airbnb, you can get a discount on your first booking when signing up. Check out Travellerspoint to map your journey. And, when does Summer/high season officially end? Have you been to Croatia? There are a number of different transit companies to choose from, some which allow you to book tickets online. Objectif: découvrir l'Italie en 15 jours en voiture … The city has Roman ruins you can wander through and even park your car next to. A heavy day of driving, but well worth it. Hi Silky, I would recommend you rework the Adriatic coast itinerary above to begin and end in Zadar rather than Zagreb. Zadar is the northern city of the Dalmatian coast with National Parks to the east and an archipelago of islands to the west. It has fantastic cities, cute little towns, amazing national parks with incredible nature, … Seeing the beach at Karlobag with crystal clear water had us stopping for a break in our journey. Regards. We are avid hikers and defiantly enjoy our ocean and water days. Zagreb has a gritty, artistic feel to it and has a number of interesting things to do. Begin your trip, as suggested in the Classic Croatia Itinerary, in the capital of Zagreb. Split has a lot to offer travellers and it is in a great position to explore more of Dalmatia and cast a broader net. This incredibly diverse and welcoming country has endless opportunities to offer travellers. If you are wanting to reach a destination quicker, then the motorway system is the best planning option. Any suggestions or is this just trying to cram too much into a week? Peak Season: June to August is the hottest and most crowded time to visit Croatia. Traveling inland from Split took us back in time as we passed through some small stone house villages on our way to Vodopad Gubavica. We use MapsMe rather than Google to find parking close to the old towns we want to explore. The best thing for you to do is park your car, and journey through the city on a bike. Click here to see their latest prices, Not quite what you’re looking for? All major cities are well-connected by bus. You can check bus timetables and routes throughout Croatia on Dubrovnik’s city wall is best walked early when the ticket office opens at 8 am so as to avoid the crowds. Our first road trip to Croatia was taken in between two Italian house-sitting assignments. Temperatures can reach well over 30ºC (86ºF) on the coast and expect it to be even hotter in the capital. Make sure to JOIN US to be inspired to travel. It must be said, Croatia has one of the best motorway systems we have experienced. Click here to browse other places in Rovinj! Il règne … And if you travel inland to stay in a small village you will be surrounded by nature and fields of produce grown for the local markets. If you need a quote, then just click on the Ad below to take you to their website. Pula has an international airport that serves a multitude of airlines and destinations but if you don’t arrive by plane, it is also well-connected by bus. How to Enjoy the Split Old City, Beaches and Islands. Hope this helps and you have a great trip! If you want to see the sights with a local company, we suggest you check out what is on offer with Viator. It is one of the highest-rated hostels in the city and has both dorm beds and private rooms available. When you base yourself in one of these three cities, hiring a car to road trip and explore the surrounding area and Croatia’s coastline will give you more insights into the local life of Croatia. We love to Slow Travel to find the best places to visit. This massive network of lakes and waterfalls is enough to charm even the most ardent of city people and visiting is a highlight of any trip to Croatia. Its medieval charm will have you captivated by exploring the many narrow streets, shops, and restaurants. We like WorldNomads and always use them for our trips – click here to get a quote from WorldNomads. Can you suggest what all places to be covered in this duration and how is the weather going to be like? And to read more of the places we visited, click here Charming Towns of Istria. So weird. As we primary memtioned, our start of the itinerary would be Zagreb, Split or Dubrovnik. Hi Peter, sounds like you’re in the process of planning a great trip!

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